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For anyone who saw the burning twin towers in Sarajevo, in the summer of 1992, which were attacked by terrorists bent on undermining the morale of the people of that cosmopolitan city, the attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, nine years later, with the same goals in mind, came as no great surprise.

Fierce debates swirled around the World Trade Center site after its towers fell, focusing on how, or even if, the site should be rebuilt. [those are similar to the debates swirling around Tahrir Square in Egypt after 25 Jan events. Ironically in Egypt there is an offer to collect national donations to award a controversial international Tahrir redesign competition!]

Some of the most brilliant and creative architects of our time entered the debate, often with specific design proposals any number of which—if one had been used as a point of departure—could have turned tragedy into triumph, by radically reforming the devastated site into a new kind of public urban space.

[In Egypt I hope we don't lose the chance as others had lost] the chance to create a great new work of architecture and public space—the best memorial to human courage and resilience.....

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The people from the barrio built the city twice: during the day we built the houses of the well-off. At night and at weekends, with solidarity, we built our own homes, our barrio.

  —Andrés Antillano, resident of Caracas, April 15, 2004